Needed war focused ,aq map3/2/1 alliance

Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
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Hey there ,I need war focused (tier 6 to 10)allaince with low map (or without aq)
game name "Vivek 786"
base rating 450k+
Line id Vivek_786


  • MHCOAMHCOA Posts: 24
    Check my alliance. I sent you a friend request, you'll be a great addition to the alliance

  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
    Thanks for invitation MHCOA . Actually in my current allaince war is running and it will ended on Sunday ,will message you after then
  • MHCOAMHCOA Posts: 24
    Sounds great. Thx for responding also
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
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  • Fantasy_91Fantasy_91 Posts: 116
    Contact me in game or on line Fantasy91
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
    edited July 2018
    Still need allaince
    My prestige 6k+
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
    Atleast gold 1 with map3,2,1
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
  • DoggieHouzDoggieHouz Posts: 26
    you can check us "Revengers of Asgard" [RxASG]
  • soorajsooraj Posts: 24
    vivek bro join in my allianceo88yho2mp5ia.jpg
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
    Sorry bro I atleast need gold 1
  • If you can't find a fit, hit me up. We are on silver 2 playin aq map2 or 3. Active group.
    Line id de_kronenbourg
  • Greifmaster911Greifmaster911 Posts: 295 ★★
    Its tough to find a gold 1 low aq ally, ive been looking for weeks
  • MyleHy7MyleHy7 Posts: 123
    Hello 👋🏻, this is MyleHy7 😁 I would really like the opportunity to speak with you, if you don’t mind, about your possibly becoming one of the Vigilante Priesthood. We are an alliance with a strong commitment for excellence highly focused on 100% AQ Map 3 (and some 2) & frequent AWs. I’m currently in the market for someone such as yourself. If you are available, I would love an opportunity to chat with you further regarding this. I hope you have a great day.
    My InGameName & LINE ID are: mylehy7🙏🏻
  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 162
    Needed the alliance again map4/3/2 gold 1
  • Its tough to find a gold 1 low aq ally, ive been looking for weeks

    What if we create our own I am interested in G1 and map 3
  • GorerillaTacticGorerillaTactic Posts: 229
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    If you're still looking for an alliance, the check out The Order of the Ebon Hand [O.E.H]. We're chill but active 5.2 million alliance that's recruiting three plus players with a base rating of 100K+. The LINE app is REQUIRED in order to join. PM one of our officers (ARGaming86 <---ME, OpethFan1) or our leader Liam Seven (ebonhand) on LINE for more details. Adding one of us is a MUST especially ebonhand.

    IG:GorerillaTactic, Liam 7, OpethFan1

    I sent you a message and request in game. I also messaged you on LINE.

    We are Bronze 2 looking to advance to Silver by the end of Season 4. We run AQ Map 2 & 3 simultaneously except during AW when we run 2 BG's on Map 2. In AW we're Bronze 2, Rank 1104, Tier 12.

    AW currently runs two to three times a week with one to two BG's while working towards three BG's after we acquire 30 members.

    Participation is key! Group participation in completion, item use, duels, etc to reach max rewards is highly recommended. No donation requirements. We understand that life issues happen, but please communicate.

    With the new AQ system in place, we're running Map 2 and 3 simultaneously; 2x5 and 3x5. Once we hit 30 players, we might run three BG's with Map 2, 3 and 4. The use of top champs is a must where nothing under 2K in AQ/AW is allowed/recommended. No pressure to join AW/AQ but participation is required/high recommended when joining.

    Our last updated stats are as follows : Bronze 2 - 5,204,815 (5.2 MIL) - 1,104 AW Rating

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