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6900 Prestige player looking for alliance

The alliance I’ve been in for 2 years is falling apart with several people “retiring”.

Very skilled player, looking for AW focused alliance.

Hoping to find a good alliance with some mature, easygoing guys who are committed to progression. I live in North America and want an alliance in similar time zones.

Not interested in an alliance that has a lot of event minimums. I am very active and participate in most events and finish near the top but don’t want to be forced to grind every week if I feel like some downtime.


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    Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 621 ★★
    How can I reach you? Add me on LINE Goken23
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    VartoxVartox Posts: 202
    edited April 2018
    We are 5x5 and Gold tier 1, no event minimum but usually hit them anyway (except maybe arena) north and south America based. Message me on Line @imperiex (will show as Demonkyn) you can reach me in game also as Demonkyn or you can message mutewitness8 or benjamin0925 on Line. If interested
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    I've sent an invite in game. I'm mrscrabble on line app.
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    J_SlapJ_Slap Posts: 67
    Looks like my alliance has what u want. My ign and line Id is J_Slap. Alliance is [AFTRM] Aftermath. No event is minimums. We are gold 1, tier 4/5.
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    Boomshakala11Boomshakala11 Posts: 12
    edited April 2018
    Hi! We are 14.9m alliance, platinum 3 and map 5x5.
    Line id Boomshakala11
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