Dear Kabam and community members,

We'll be thankful if you open a practice mode where we can set certain champions and nodes as opponents.It's really important when there's a lot of champs and nodes in this game.Hope you'll consider this,

Thank you


  • BigTimeBigTime Posts: 246 ★★
    I would love this. Select a champ and add on whatever modifiers. All it can do is increase skill. Right now it comes to looking at lists of people to duel, and resorting to compare everything to WS.

    It would be a huge improvement. The duel system is dumb.
  • AcidskieAcidskie Posts: 31
    Would love a sandbox mode where you wouldn't gain resources or rewards, but could play all the content at it's different difficulties. Obviously, completed content wouldn't be saved. You'd have access to all champs along with the ability to set their star, rank, level and awakening status. You could test drive heroes to see how much you liked them, test out synergies, and even decide if you wanted to awaken them.
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