Looking for a relaxed alliance

Want to play when I have the time to do so. Do not want a shouting match going on in the alliance on who did what wrong. Seen too much of that. Can play on most days but may take time off when work or life gets too hectic. Prefer a decent level alliance. have done aq map 3 and 4 before with previous alliances and been in silver 2 and 1 tiers.m0skmnx6cdew.png


  • TacoDougTacoDoug Posts: 138
    Got line? Message BAYDAPRIME on line. We run AQ 44433. Looking to push into gold next season
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 965
    Hey, we are a laid back ally...we do 44332 AQ and 2-3 BG AW depending on who is available...Gold 3 rewards. It is a positive, steady group. 9.5 mil Nerd Brigade. Check us out...if interested message groundround in line or Ground Round in game. Thanks, and good luck.
  • Adkoon33Adkoon33 Posts: 55
    Join us at Hoag2. We're a branch of a more serious alliance (Hoag) that is just getting started. I retired as leader and just want to chill for awhile. It's open for now. Join as long as you want. We haven't even started a Line chat. No plans for AQ/AW for awhile. No commitments. I won't bug you to play. Won't bug you about duels. If we win rewards, great. If not, no biggie.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 1,948 ★★★★
    Hi, If you are still interested, you're welcomed to join a rebuilding alliance who focus on Map 2 and 3 AQ and AW. Mostly from Map 5 retired players and we are laid back but very active. My line ID is Reference36.
  • The Hell Fire Club
    Is searching for new summoners that can hold there own.
    Map 44422
    Map 44222

    Aw is gold 3 season
    Currently at tier 8 but trying to climb up
    2 Battle groups Free for all


    •Must have at least 20 r4/40’s 4*
    Least 5 r5 4* and or r3 5*
    Preferred if you have better but yea.
    So you can handle AQ & AW together.

    •Donations kick back gold from AQ earnings and some loyalty of your choosing least over 2k cover map 4 cost.

    We have a long time member/officer core just searching for people that actually
    •Clear Lines on AQ &AW
    •If KO’d willing to revive and help the team.
    •Team Players
    •Also just have fun crushing foes to the best of our abilities.

    Any Questions feel free to ask.
    Add on Line or in game

    Leader: Magic or []v[]agic
    Line ID: Magicstorm

    Recruiting officer: Døctør187
    LineID: Linemesoohard

    Alliance tag is (TH-FC)
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