No more left button punching or right button dodging.

Dear Kabam,

The left “button” cannot do a light or heavy attack, why can it activate a medium attack? The right “button” cannot block, why can it dodge? Those of us with big fingers regularly receive unwanted surprises when this happens and it seriously impacts our enjoyment of the game.
If you want me to spend more, I need to want to play more. In order to want to play more, I have to not want to “rage quit” when my champion suddenly attacks when he should be blocking. Right now, when one of those great “Buy this, get that” deals pop up in game, I’m not even tempted anymore because I know I’m just going to get frustrated when the next “left button punch” ruins me in an Alliance War.
Maybe it’s just an Apple thing? If so, please fix it. It sure seems like during the instructional phase of the game way, way back when I started playing, it taught me that the left “button” only blocks, Dodge’s, and activates special attacks. I also seem to remember being trained that the right “button” initiates the various levels of attack based upon if I tap, swipe, or hold, right?
I guarantee that if you fix this and announce it, sales will go up as those who left the game because of this frustration come racing back.

Thank you,
Tukule ( “we’re using our made up names”)


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    I can understand why this would be an issue but I've seen a lot of people who use their left hand to initiate medium attack, they would probably find it unfair if this were changed
  • MarzGrooveMarzGroove Posts: 903 ★★★
    Left tap = block
    Right tap = attack
    Swipe left (from anywhere) = dash back
    Swipe right (from anywhere) = dash forward
  • Maximus0215Maximus0215 Posts: 128
    I personally like using my block thumb to initiate the medium dash.
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    Get a bigger phone/screen?
  • VandalSavageVandalSavage Posts: 267 ★★
    You (allegedly) can't stop yourself from doing a medium attack so you want Kabam to do a coding change to the game so you won't be doing any unnecessary medium attacks. And with this coding change, you will suddenly have the desire to start spending some money on those deals.

    And somehow this is all related to having fat fingers on a tiny screen. Funny.

    I guess somebody is pretending that having big fingers causes people to accidentally swipe the screen similar to people with big fingers tapping the wrong key on a virtual keyboard because it's all the same motion.

    How about not swiping forward ( swiping towards the right ) to avoid doing a medium attack when you don't want to do one?

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