Rulk & LC still trash? Hela & Gulk good?

Are Luke Cage and Red Hulk still trash?? even after the buff? lol they are my only sci champs. 4* Rulk and 5* LC..

Adding in Gladiator Hulk who I just got yesterday in an Argonite Crystal (was aiming for Hype) along with Hela from a 4* crystal. Are these Ragnarok champs good?


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    Al2QAl2Q Posts: 66
    @Jinrio LC and Rulk are really good now, specially for certain fights with special nodes and champs. Check out any video's to get an idea on how to use them.
    Gulk is good and Hela is kinda ok, but Hyp is better. :smile:
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    adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
    They are all good/ fantastic champs. Nice pulls!
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    Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    All are really good, especially Gulk if you have a gem for him. LC is a beast as well. Look at his abilities. Each stack of exhaustion kills power gain buffs/ MD
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    JinrioJinrio Posts: 8
    Thanks for all the feedbacks, really helpful. ^^ I just got back to the game so I had no one idea about these changes and new champs.
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    Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Luke Cage and Red Hulk can have amazing damage and have some utility as well. Ghulk absolutely wrecks magik, dorm. Mephisto. Hela takes some skill to build up her furies, but when she has her furies she hits like an absolute truck. Great champs.
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