[iknow] iloveyou recruiting 1 member 10mil ally

What we do.
Mandatory- Aq 55444 this is the ally’s main focus
Not mandatory- War 1 to 2 battlegroups. We make a sign up list.
Reliable movement in aq/aw
94k gold 12k battlechips 8k loyalty due on Sunday’s.
Line required. “No religion/politics”
Communication is key.
Assigned battlegroups
15k completion
650 duels
Silver 2 in war.
Adults only.
If your looking for a ally that’s respectful and fun at the same time your joining the right ally. We understand everyone has a life outside the game and things happen. We have been together for a long time and if you can follow “what we do”you will be fine here. If interested hit me on line murderbr23 “modest maggot”


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