AQ Map 5 and AW focused alliance looking for merger! Need 10-15

Tired of the alliance hoppers and guys that aren't keeping up with map 5. We have a strong core. 10-15 needed. Preferably guys that have been together for a while. Message me on Line. Line ID: shocka_brah


  • Still looking. Would have to come to us. 3+ year old alliance with a lot in our treasury.
  • Still looking. We're mostly US EST based but we do have a few in different countries. Hit me up on Line. Line ID: shocka_brah
  • What is your average prestige and war rating? Also do u do 5x5?
  • @Conquestor_V hit me up on Line to discuss. Line ID: shocka_brah
  • Still looking
  • Xaraki711Xaraki711 Posts: 9
    edited April 2018
    Can't find you on line. Here is my line xaraki711
    Lets talk merger if u still interested
  • HQ101HQ101 Posts: 422
    Mesage sent. We are The Forgotten Marines [xTFM]. We just lost 10 members, but still have a strong core of 20 players. Usually we are 12 Million and do Map 5x5 at 110 Million. Best group of people I have ever known.
  • HQ101HQ101 Posts: 422
    A pic of us...

  • Still looking. We need 12-15 to join us. We are a three alliance family so we will not be leaving. If you're willing to join us message me on Line. shocka_brah
  • Still looking...we will make a few officers and new members will have the first two weeks with no donations. Message me on Line. shocka_brah
  • Still looking...
  • HQ101HQ101 Posts: 422
    Hit me up again Shocka
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