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483K player looking for an alliance

ali5423ali5423 Posts: 9
edited April 2018 in Alliance Recruitment
hi, i am a highly skilled player and looking for a strong alliance, prefer map5, but i dont mind map6. must be aw focused! aws2 is around the corner so if your ally is in tier 3 and if your looking for someone who can clear paths without giving away any kills then add me. game name is ali5423

prestige is 6000. 3 paths done in LOL so far...


  • Ronzo240Ronzo240 Posts: 4
    Do you have line?
    line id ronzo0240. Add me and we can talk
    11.5m ally.
    Aq 5x5
    AW Gold 1. Tier 4/5.
  • ali5423ali5423 Posts: 9
    not looking for tier4/5 buddy. sorry
  • Added you in game, we're looking for a player just like you. We do one day if map 6 per week.
  • Bubba6161Bubba6161 Posts: 131
    Sent you a friend request in game.
  • SlamojamaSlamojama Posts: 14
    Just sent you a request in game. We're tier 3 AW focused. 5x5 AQ for now until they buff rewards. Used to place top 125 doing 66555
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