Which 4 star should be upgraded and which one should be neglected?

Hi Guys,
I have 11 4 star players and I need Ur help in choosing the best one.
Green Goblin
Medusa duped
Spiderman classic
Punisher 2099
King Groot

Let me know the priority by rating them. thanks


  • HereticHeretic Posts: 15
    Medusa definitely, especially duped. Is she the only one duped?
  • ManiMjManiMj Posts: 15
    Yes that's correct.
  • RedBaron99RedBaron99 Posts: 45
    edited May 2018
    Rank up (in order of personal preference):
    1. Medusa
    2. Crossbones
    3. Hulk=Green Goblin
    4. Cap WWII=Karnak

    Not sure where you are at with the game in terms of questing; Green Goblin might jump up the order if you have a long way to go (which I suspect you have?) as he can regenerate a bit if you get hit and has some power control.

    Don't worry about the others so much for now as they are either situational or ineffective at the moment.
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