Need a new alliance

Screen name: AtomicDog77
Summoner Level 54
Total Base Hero Rating 127,406


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    Boogz98Boogz98 Posts: 14
    Friend request me BxNUTZ98 in game ...
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    RRICK215RRICK215 Posts: 17
    Have a few spots open in our Alliance. War focused. Chilled on AQ with 43222 to allow free up for Quests, low donations, etc. Gold Tier new alliance moving up fast. Line preferred. Fun and friendly active group. Hit me up on Line or in game to join or inquire further. Line ID: RRICK215, will come up Smash with Hulk photo. Don’t miss out on this coolaf group.
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    B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,637 ★★★
    If your stil looking check us out. We are a solid group who clears 2BGs map 4. Sometimes 3 or 2 during war. Silver 2 AW. We have a great core group that has been together for a while. Not looking for someone who is just in it for a short time. We want to build together and also develope newer players. Everyone needed help on the beginning. Let me know.

    B_Dizzle_01 ign
    B_Dizzle_01#1147 discord
    b_dizzle_01 line
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    MyleHy7MyleHy7 Posts: 129
    Hello there 😁👋🏻
    What are you looking for in your next Alliance?
    Vigilante Priesthood Recruiting active adult 100K+, AQ & AW, LINE req, IGN & LINE ID: MyleHy7
    Perhaps we may have a proposition to discuss.
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    MyleHy7MyleHy7 Posts: 129
    Sorry, it is: mylehy7
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