Looking for an alliance to MERGE with

We have a 9 million + alliance (did map 5x5 repeatedly scoring over 100 million and were Gold 1 at the beginning of the last season) thats been around since the game started that has some really fantastic players in it...and some real dead weight suddenly (A bunch of our players suddenly stopped showing up and / or half way playing...which then caused others to do the same thing....you've seen the spiral that happens. We are looking for a smaller alliance who has a bunch of active players that would love to come over and join us to make a REALLY good alliance.

If you've gotten frustrated with your player base and would like to come join our alliance add me on LINE Jef. Mehr (MN) and lets talk about bringing your alliance into ours...we would of course make your leaders into leaders in our alliance, etc....lets kick the dead weight and make a good alliance that we can all prosper under. Most of us are above 400K...but if you have active players I'm willing to merge with lower players (as low as 100k) and our big guns can help bring you up quickly.


  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 62
    At this point, I could replace 1/2 our alliance (about 15 players) if it came down to it.
  • Chance6780Chance6780 Posts: 29
  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 62
    Feel free to come join send me your info to my LINE account (above)
  • Earth_Rick_c137Earth_Rick_c137 Posts: 147
    My alliance can take on 10-12 if you would rather join us. We're gold 1 pushing platinum and our treasury is stocked, you could have a free week of donations
  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 62
    Thanks guys...we have actually merged with another Alliance! I am really surprised by the response I got. There are a LOT of alliances hurting because of this AW Seasons and people jumping ship to go to Platinum or higher alliances...Seasons may have been the worst thing for keeping alliances together that Kabam has thought of yet.
  • Tyu15Tyu15 Posts: 78
    Anyone still looking to merge? We wanna run 5x5 and 3 wars per week. About 300k average. We have about 18.
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