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Best use of infinity dust for newer players other than awakening gems?

I’ve already bought a 4 star awakening gem and am extremely unlikely to earn enough dust for a five star awakening gem.

Im a newer player - have 50 four-star hero’s but only 6 god tier champs. I have 6 five-star champs but only one god tier champ. I only have 1 tier 4 class catalyst of each class except for 3 of cosmic, and only have 3 alpha and 3 tier4basic catalysts.

Best use of infinity dust for newer players other than awakening gems? 50 votes

Four star hero crystals
RikuremaRavenrob_33SgtAnime1XFA_Rebootedghostgigi2jilanibuxtitaniummorroHARON07 8 votes
Five star shards
GamerMets17RotellySpiritOfVengeanceMcord117AnimatronicstoSirius111 7 votes
Tier 4 class catalysts
SnizzbarNinjAlanf9_absbuffajrheruheru511zuffyDuMonUphillgreenSac123_Mr_OtterNOOOOOOOOPEEEEESavio444vinniegainzKyleMDanny_ZsirhcZblakevdtAkarsh383Ch1efsterShadow_Phoneix 30 votes
T4B catalysts
taojay1Bahamut 2 votes
Alpha catalysts
BigPoppaCBONESpity68Josefine4 3 votes


  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,236 ★★★★
    Tier 4 class catalysts
    T4 cc probably.

    Everything else is reasonably available to regular type players.
  • HereticHeretic Posts: 15
    Tier 4 class catalysts
    T4cc but it ultimately depends on your level in the game.
  • Mr_OtterMr_Otter Posts: 1,614 ★★★
    Tier 4 class catalysts
    T4C. The… 3rd(?) hardest to obtain rank up item behind T2A and further behind T5B

    Ultimately they will become “common” as you progress (I can blow mine fairly regularly without much harm for a niche 4* or 5*) but back in the day before I was rolling in 5* those were worth more than 5* shards!
  • ghostgigi2ghostgigi2 Posts: 37
    Four star hero crystals

    @StarlordisWicked the best way to keep growing is to do arena then you need 4 stars rank 3 champions at least, at the moment you have only 1 tier 4 class catalyst of each class that mean you cannot rankup. The best option is to get a 4 star champion crystal

    T1A: 4 per month in arena
    T4BC : 4 per month in arena too


    Good luck
  • tezratezra Posts: 5
    How are you a "newer player" and have 50 4*s and 6 5*s? I've been playing now for 5 months and have 6 4*s and zero 5*s.
  • Julius_SeizureJulius_Seizure Posts: 99
    Tier 4 class catalysts
    Apparently it’s possible for new players to have 50+ 4*, so I’m gonna be very clear on what a new player is to me lol.

    Less than three rank 5 4*: t4cc

    More than three rank 5 4*: 5* Shards

    Endgame: T2A
  • tezratezra Posts: 5
    Okay, this makes more sense, lol. I was like "I've read all the guides, watched a number of videos, and I play 4 hours a day usually" so big sad face if I'm somehow wasting so much time without the results.
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