Looking for New alliance

Just in search of more active Aw and Aq ally. My current alliance has just really slowed down in their progression, best players leaving, etc. my name is NateKD14 and my current ally is the Beer Barons if you want to see my profile fuzece1dab4g.png


  • NateKD14NateKD14 Posts: 18
    I do have line ID, very active, communicate daily. Always compete in daily events, sa, donations, etc.
  • McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24
    Hello, looking for an alliance? Our alliance is reward and team focused.
    We complete SA weekly.
    We do aq 5 and war.
    We do a lot of the events.
    Looking for players around 200k and up like us.
    Message me for more information.
    Mcoc: $leeta$
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