Suggestion (Tips and Trick)

Account = Level 28
Top Champion = 3 star Thor (Rank 2/4) (Level 20/20)
Sub = 3 star Iron Man
Sub = 3 star Storm
Sub = 3 star Iron Fist
Sub = 3 star Punisher

Which hero should i rank up to rank 3 first ?
Any tips on how to get a 4 star champion ?


  • RedBaron99RedBaron99 Posts: 45
    edited May 2018
    If your Thor is duped, he's pretty good for finishing fights fast. Storm too as she hits hard. Iron Man's is quite forgiving (regen if duped and his armour up is one of the best in game) and very handy for story mode if you make mistakes a lot.

    In terms of getting a 4*, not sure what level you are right now, but try and focus on finishing the story content (guessing Act 3 for you) as a priority as the rewards are decent and the difficulty isn't too high. You'll find you can save up to a 4* crystal pretty quickly, if you don't luck one out of a premium before then.

    Try doing as much arena as you can stomach around the edges as the arena credits will soon add up, and don't waste your units on crystals, however tempting they may seem as they just aren't worth it. Spend units on things like good masteries that will save you more units in the long run.

    If you aren't in an Alliance, try and join one fast as the rewards will also help you get a 4* faster.
  • E8_LatticeE8_Lattice Posts: 6
    I was stuck with 3* champs for a while until I joined an alliance that does war and quests regularly. That's what's gona get you those 4* and 5* shards. Make sure you get into the right alliance. If you play daily make sure everyone in your alliance does too. If they don't you won't hit milestones. Its easy to find alliances too so if you get a bad one at first try again til you find some people you like. Arena gets you battle chips which get you gold and units. Story mode gives you more points and ISO8 BUT make sure you look in the monthly events they have because they will be gone in a month and story quest will always be there so I always do events first. And I can't stress enough what was posted above about spending units. DONT GET CRYSTALS! Buy masteries with your units. Always. YouTube has good vids on how to set up your masteries as well so check that out.
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