Looking for a new alliance

Let me get to the point.
I’m a 257k player looking for a new alliance.
I am looking to get away from the major grind, but I am active.
I want to join an alliance who is in silver or gold for aw and does between maps 2 and 3 for aq, map 4 is okay too but only on the first day.
No donations.

Hit me up on LINE (ID: Naxcila) or in game (Naxcila) (:


  • VtotheOVtotheO Posts: 107
    We focus on AQ and AW mostly, and some events as well. Arenas are up to you. We do like to run map 5 five times though. Have you ever played that map?
  • nvrcmecomin1nvrcmecomin1 Posts: 160
    If low donations suit you like 50k in gold, 10k in loyalty, and the BC you make from AQ. Then hit me up on line nvrcmecomin1.
  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    Imma be here saying the same thing, we run map 5 twice and 3 the rest of the time, donations are 54k gold, 12bc, and 5k loyalty. Hit me up in game if you are interested (we have line)
  • NaxcilaNaxcila Posts: 11
    I have map 5 experience, my previous alliance use to run 55433, I’m looking to get away from that as I no longer can play the game as much as I use to (real life hit pretty bad).

    Otherwise I had found an alliance that I will be trying out for the time being. Thank you everyone.
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