How to be uncollected

Hey, I am looking for tips and strategies on becoming uncollected.
Have a nice roster, but not the appropriate one. All my top champs are capped at 4/40 and 5* 2/35.
Currently on 4.3.1, facing the starbust node which is a pain. I know that regen champs are good here, but i only have them at 3*. I can fight well I would say.
Is it wise to take maxed 3* to the quest, or wait till I get some regen champs at 4*.


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    Ethans8279 wrote: »
    the difficulties of act 4 has already been reduced after the release of act 5. If you are not able to get through act 4 by now, don't even think about act 5. Btw, 4* 4/40 champs can easily take you through act 4.

    "Easily" is putting it in a nice way.

    Act 5 is tough, no matter what you have. It takes a lot of skill and even more right champs/units/resources.
    Yeah, I think I completed act 4 with just four stars rank 4 40. I recently got uncollected, with difficulty; plenty of revives and potions. If you can’t beat maestro, you’re not even close to getting uncollected. It was about 9 months between me beating maestro and me beating the collector!

    I don’t remember what starburst is in act 4, but I don’t remember using any revives for the whole chapter, and even if starburst is hard, it will be nothing compared to the degen in the earlier maps, brute force in early 5.2 and bane in late 5.2. Masochism and buffet are also extremely annoying! I think I used dormammu, Hyperion, gwenpool, Night crawler and ultron, (?) or something like that to beat act 4.

    Act 5 was pretty hard. I used 3 team revives and 2 revives on the collector path alone and a few before that. I used different champs for different paths, but the champs I used had to be pretty powerful to complete act 5.2, because I only had 3 rank 5 four stars. I actually took advantage of the recent blade arena, and won him twice and poured about 69 sig stones on him to make him very powerful and also took him to rank 5 instantly since I had the resources. He was an MVP for reaching the collector, but was pretty useless against him, having served his purpose after I reached the collector. ( I pretty much used blade for the whole easy path to reach the collector). My other 2 ranks 5s were sparky and Hyperion, both duped. They both did a decent job against the collector. My other 2 four stars were only rank 4s. I decided to use awakened iceman because he had some good abilities and countered some champs on the easiest path. I used an awakened hulk for the first time on a serious quest, because I watched videos and YouTube and saw that everyone was using him against the collector, and he did sooo much damage, my hulk took down the collector!

    I actually got stuck on 5.2.4 for a long time, and only recently beat it due to my blade, he made it a lot easier. 5.1.1-5.1.5 is not too hard, but you might have some travel with 5.1.6. 5.2.1-5.2.3 is easy, you could steamroll through it because it’s too easy. (I solved masochism in 5.2.3 by using sparky and building up his poises to 10 before attacking the enemy) 5.2.4 is very hard, arguably as hard as the collector path! I still have nightmares of buffet, no parry! But my blade just soldiered on and healed up and beat it. 5.2.5 has bane and nothing else much. I beat it by going through the specter path, and I used less revives on 5.2.5 than I did on 5.2.4, because i could actually parry. 5.2.6 was very hard, you will have trouble even getting to the collector if you dont have healing champs (my blade was an MVP), and the collector is a BS fiesta!

    If you want to beat the collector, just practise against the specific nodes that you will be against many times, because practising will help you get used to the nodes (DO NOT USE ANY ITEMS, JUST REENTER THE QUEST AFTER DIEING) Also, watch YouTube videos, (some people may call that cheating but I think it’s using your resources), look for guides and watch how other people play against the nodes, and then try to apply their tactics into your own battles. (That’s how I beat all the maps without a single unit used). Watch and apply. Do some AQ to help rank up your champs, do arena to win powerful champs, (don’t rely on RnG, I’ve gotten my sparky, blade, and iceman from arena and have never pulled them from crystals), with some powerful champs, a good revive and unit stash, and some skill built up, the collector will crumble against you.
    Good luck !
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    Complete act 4 first then think about act 5 act 4 has reduced difficulty since before you could easily complete it with 3 stars.
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    zeezee57 wrote: »
    Who are your champs you're trying to get there with? Unless you're really good you're going to want/need to rank up past 4/40 level for act 5.

    5 *angela 2/35
    5* Ghost rider 2/35
    4* Gwenpool 4/40
    4* Iceman 4/40
    4* Stark Spidey 4/40

    I know this is enough to do act 4, its just i usually defensive and i end up taking alot of damage from degen
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    NDK13 wrote: »
    Complete act 4 first then think about act 5 act 4 has reduced difficulty since before you could easily complete it with 3 stars.

    Is wolverine, Gulk, Doctor strange, scarlet witch and Guilottine good to take??
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    Can i use
    5* ultron duped rank 2 level 35
    4* nightcrawler 4/40
    4* spider Gwen 4/40 duped
    4* black panther civil war 4/40
    4* dormamu 4/40
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    IMEL said:

    Can i use
    5* ultron duped rank 2 level 35
    4* nightcrawler 4/40
    4* spider Gwen 4/40 duped
    4* black panther civil war 4/40
    4* dormamu 4/40

    Yes they'll be able to get u through act 4
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    Just letting you know, now. completed Act 5 ultron boss. Thought Medusa wud be MVP, but it was Capt Sparkles, who just butchered it
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    Can I use
    5* kilmonger rank 2 level 35
    4* Captain Sparkles 4/40
    4* Omega Red duped sig 34 4/40
    4* Gulk 4/40
    4* Symbione supreme 4/40

    I already got through act 4 and have just started act 5.
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