Looking for alliance of at least (GOLD 2 AW) and (MAP 5 AQ)

Used to donating 135k gold, 30 bc, and 35k loyalty. Very active player used to map 5 AQ with LINE account. 8iaj79w9phw9.png


  • GrantMaxwellGrantMaxwell Posts: 46
  • ButOfCorpseButOfCorpse Posts: 105
    Hit me on Line - ButOfCorpse
  • BlindKnightBlindKnight Posts: 39
    1maxq on line. i think we could be a match. gold2 war. map 5 week followed by map 2 week. donations recommended, not required.
    alliance tag 5280T
  • maxi123maxi123 Posts: 23
    he can i joi your alliance level 28 player ?
  • maxi123maxi123 Posts: 23
  • starving for a t4cc alliance, name ComandanteGuasa i have 3 4s rank 4, 1 5s rank 2, and 5 4s rank 3, and a bunch of maxed 3s....im on All day, and play AW and AQ with my strongest characters
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