13M alliance 5x5, Gold 1-2 looking for 1

Looking for a strong active player ; prestige over 5k looking to win wars and be in Gold 1.
Join now or after AQ round tomorrow

Contact Line:


  • HoochieMCOCHoochieMCOC Posts: 204
    Join now or after AQ
  • HoochieMCOCHoochieMCOC Posts: 204
    Join in 3 hrs
  • 35kjorrqlfnu.png
    I am coming from an alliance GOLD 1 AQ 5.
    Very active player used to using line.
    Message me on here or in game if interested.
  • HoochieMCOCHoochieMCOC Posts: 204
    Sorry, too low prestige
  • TreoTreo Posts: 183
    edited June 2018
    Got 4800 prestige can go higher is needed but waiting for right champs to rank up, got 11 t2 alpha
  • NanaPokuNanaPoku Posts: 44
    5850 prestige
    in game name is -=nana poku=-
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