13 Million Alliance looking for Active Players

Looking for active players that are level 60 and 300k rating. We are AW focused. We run free AQ maps so no donations. We are a tier 4-5 aw alliance. We are looking someone with 5500+ prestige, With at least 3x r4 5* or 6* and 12 or more 4* 5/50's. RTTL complete, ROL complete and Completion of Act 5. Please contact me in game at ben.berry1984 or on Line.
in game
Donations weekly
134,000 gold
30,000 BC
12,500 Alliance


  • NanaPokuNanaPoku Posts: 44
    i thought you run free AQ maps? so why the donations?
  • PyrocixPyrocix Posts: 53
    Im confused as well. Why the donations for map3 and under?
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