**Login Issues - Update Aug 9**
Hotfix 36.1.1 is now live. This fix targets errors while logging in that some summoners faced. Manual update may be required.

New Glitch.

i have observed in every arena that.....before the fight complete the walls are already destroyed. which usually gets damaged at the end of the war.iq1dg4ltakk8.jpg


  • Hi @Shield143

    Thank you for bringing this bug relating to the walls being destroyed in the arena before a fight has finished.

    The thread Stickied to the top of the Bug Reporting forum section here includes information needed to assist our Team further. Please fill out this template and post your information as a response in this thread for our team to use.

    Our QA team is constantly reviewing the forums and bug reports, and they are working to resolve issues that are reported here. Thank you for providing as much detail as possible!
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