My best team to beat Maestro 4 times

I’m a 6 month player who has been grinding act IV for the last month. Only the last quest with maestro remains. I need to beat him 4 times to fully explore, but all the old guides and videos were pre 12.0 and use Thor, SW, DS; BW etc. I need a good strategy and approach

Top 20 champs:

Four star: Medusa 5/50 sig 60, SW 4/40 sig 99, Blade 4/40 sig 40, AA 4/40 sig 80; Stark SM 4/40 sig 40, SL 4/40 sig 20; HE 4/40 sig 60, XB 4/40 sig 5, Hulk 4/40 sig 5, Void 4/40 sig 60, X-23 4/40, Dock Ock 3/30 sig 20, Quake 3/30, Angela 3/30, LC 3/30, RH 3/30

5 star GP 2/25, 5 star Elektra 2/25, 5 star Ultron 2/25


  • Wil6541Wil6541 Posts: 273
    Learn to evade his sp1 or hope to push him to sp2 and all those champs will destroy him.
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    Definitely take sparky and AA
  • WoozieWoozie Posts: 479 ★★
    Guilly and Vision are sure fire bets to block that arc overload, but learning those sp1 and sp2 evades are more important, keep taking the first path to practice and then go all out with your boosters/potions etc.
    The rewards are worth it.
  • StarlordisWickedStarlordisWicked Posts: 291
    I went through and beat Maestro four times the other night without having to use any revives. I used the team of Medusa, SW, AA, GP, and Stark SM (all 4 star 4/40 duped except for Medusa at 5/50). Here is what I learned:

    Evading or avoiding that special 1 is the key to the fight.

    Medusa and GP could take down a good chunk (30 percent or so) of his energy before his special 1 killed you off if things went well, otherwise they might only take down 10 percent.

    SW sometimes power locked him early and was able to get him down to about 50 percent before he hit his special 1 and killed her.

    Stark SM was a very, very good choice because as soon as Maestro hits one bar of power you can drain him with the heavy attack, or....hit a 5 hit combo and then stun him with the special 1, then hit him with another 5 hit combo to take him over special 2. His special 2 is very easy to avoid if you keep your distance, and I was able to do this strategy 5-6 times in one fight and take him down in one try.

    AA is by far the best choice. Mine was 4/40 and Sig 80. Parry, heavy attack, Parry, heavy attack, and parry heavy attack until you have build up a couple of stacks of the neurotoxin. I was surprised to see that when he hits his SP1 under the neurotoxin (and it hit my AA) it did NOT trigger degeneration, and I was able to endure 2-3 of these hits during the fight not he way to killing him.
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