Any tips on 5.2.2?

AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
This is my main roster
Any particular path or strategy that I should follow. I'm having a really bad time


  • fftusisfftusis Posts: 49
    well done, i myself am stuck at 5.1.6.

    Sorry i can't be of any help
  • AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
    It was luck. Practiced lots, trying different things.
    This is the path I took:
  • fftusisfftusis Posts: 49
    who did u use for majik fight?
  • AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
    Archangel. The neurotoxins nullify Limbo, plus the about of damage of the bleeds to the power generated by Magik is low, so less specials
  • AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
    For the same reason I used AA on Cyclops, by bleed alone I avoided lots of specials since they do nos generate power
  • fftusisfftusis Posts: 49
    damn, i have AA as 3* lol
  • AcuTarAAcuTarA Posts: 139
    edited June 2018
    Do you have Magik or a power control champ. The idea is that she doesnt gain power while you try not to die by hitting her
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