370k dude looking for an alliance without psychos

Some craziness is fine, but people that take the game way too seriously ain’t gonna work.

I’m chill and want to keep it that way. Add me on LINE: btellis04


  • VtotheOVtotheO Posts: 103
    We aren’t psychos, we just like to get things moving. We are a nice fun-loving bunch though. I’ll send you an invite.
  • DngeoneerDngeoneer Posts: 11
    Sent you a friend request. We are a 7 mil alliance thats growing even with being the kinder gentler alliance. We are Silver1 in AW
  • thiazolethiazole Posts: 44
    Hey, Btellis, we're really laid back. Our core value is that the alliance is there to serve its members, not the other way around. When full (we have a few slots open right now), we are about an 8 mil alliance - we have some hitters. Even so, we mostly run map 2 with a little 3 here and there. Because our aq prestige is so high (strong players running easy maps), we still get good aq scores and are always solidly in the advanced tier. We only do 1 bg for war and it is optional. Even aq isn't mandatory 100% of the time - we want people to join "most of the time", but we only get upset if people are consistently missing aq. You probably won't find a better balance between success in an alliance and being laid back. All our players are growing fast because they don't have all their champs stuck slaving for the alliance all the time - they can actually do stuff that allows them to grow too! I sent you a friend request. Let me know if you are interested. You sound like you'd fit in well with us.
    Sent you a message on line
  • Rip1Rip1 Posts: 44
    Contact in game
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