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4* duped Blade or 5* unduped Killmonger

I am casual player. I am in alliance that does map 3 and I will stay there cos work schedule doesn't let me play enough to do map 5. So t4cc not easily obtainable for me. Mostly it's from glory, EQ, story mode. I am getting on average 1 5* per month. Please keep it in mind.
Should I bring 4* sig 79 Blade to r5 or 5* unduped Killmonger to r3?
Blade because it's Blade and Killmonger I potentially can get to r4 and that will be great. Also, if I manage somehow to get 5* skill AG does Killmonger worth it.

4* duped Blade or 5* unduped Killmonger 35 votes

4* sig 79 Blade to r5
buffajrRikuremahendroidsvhazza1928SpiderCoolsRomeo408My_SuperiorMaldroit2Jay28 9 votes
5* unduped Killmonger to r3
NevvBGolden_GuardianSIlverProfessorJets44nameplasZzzMr_OaktownGreifmaster911KennadoSavio444OnmixIcecold2099Crazyjack719BahamutAspareDizzyChampioncriticshadow_lurker22Julius_SeizureGhostboytjie 26 votes


  • P_R_I_M_EP_R_I_M_E Posts: 39
    I don't have any r5 4*. Potentially I can get Medusa, Cap IW, Archangel to r5, all duped
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    edited June 2018
    5* unduped Killmonger to r3
    The end game is moving towards 5*. Killmonger is a demigod champ so may as well take him up while you can.

    Blade is good and a duped 5/50 blade will get you through a **** ton of content, but I'd still go with Killmonger if I was in your situarion.

    Killmonger for the long term.
  • Julius_SeizureJulius_Seizure Posts: 99
    5* unduped Killmonger to r3
    Killmonger is a 5* with God Tier utility

    Blade is a 4* who’s needs synergies to be better than slightly above average.

    Your choice.
  • hendroidsvhendroidsv Posts: 60
    4* sig 79 Blade to r5
    I play in the low bracket of gold 1 AW, and my alliance do ~115m in AQ expert. I have no killmonger yet, but when I get him the only real use for him is when I face a medusa boss in AW, cause I don't have a good counter for her, with that said I recommend go for blade, if you have the trinity at least in 4*, they gonna take you up to act 5 exploration and with that prizes you can invest in KM or any other useful 5*. Now, if you are not interested in passing missions, rank a good 5* is the best choice.
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,347 ★★★★
    5* unduped Killmonger to r3
    If you have Holy Trinity or at least stark spidey, I'd go with blade. Comparing them solo, killmonger is way better with his true strike and indestructible charges.
  • P_R_I_M_EP_R_I_M_E Posts: 39
    Mninobody wrote: »
    If you don’t have the trinity Blade is not worth taking to rank 5. Better to use another regen champ like Wolv, x-23 or such who could take you further in Act 5. Killmonger has so many uses it’s crazy. You don’t get the extra damage undupped but true strike isn’t just for autoblock, most people don’t realize true strike bypasses armor and physical resistance. So blade against that ant man in Act 5 is going to take you forever, KM will slice through him quickly. I say KM unless you are going with full trinity.

    Does true strike bypass Ant man's glancing or does that ant man got lots of physical resistance?
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