New War Gamemode Idea

Recently, I've been playing the Summoner Trials 1-2* arena to get units for masteries and I saw I was favouring using my exclusive 2*s like Ghost Rider and Carnage. Along with the controversy of people cheating in war with the opposing alliances placing easy champions, this gave me a new war idea.

A 'Two Star War' would be a special war where you can only place 2*s as defenders and attackers. This would shake up the wars as synergies like Blade + Ghost Rider synergy isn't accessible at 2* Level. It could run alongside normal wars or have its own separate season rewards.

Talking of rewards, they would probably be similar to a normal war, as less rewards would result in an unpopular event. But as a little extra incentive to play, you could get a 2* crystal that guarantees an exclusive 2*, that are not in premiums. (Maybe excluding the really rare ones, like Thanos, Classic Ultron, Deadpool or Goldpool, as well as 2*s you get in other crystals, e.g Punisher or Unstoppable Colossus)

A lot of endgame players are collectors, and doing Uncollected difficulty every month means that 2*s are basically redundant. (Myself, I would love to have a 2* Corvus Glaive and 2* Domino) I have attached an image of what a typical defence team could look like. (Chosen randomly from my Roster)

Along with the Wars, there could be the same 2* crystal that was on during the 3-Year Anniversary event so players can get the exclusive champions for X amount of units, or even mini arenas where players can compete for some Guaranteed Exclusive 2* Crystals.

I hope you like my idea, if you have any suggestions or criticisms, please, I'd love to hear to improve the idea! :)



  • Abc123Abc123 Posts: 3
    Top alliances already have their version of “Two Star Wars”
  • AMChive2AMChive2 Posts: 9
    The point of this new idea is to allow 2*s to have a little more use, and using only 2* champions should make it more difficult to place weaker defenders, and to collect the exclusive 2*s people have been asking for :)
  • Superior_VenomSuperior_Venom Posts: 27
    I really like this idea, I think it could prevent some of the bs in the wars such as Blade and MODOK. It would make 2 stars not completely useless.
  • Markjv81Markjv81 Posts: 800 ★★★★
    Seeing as potions aren't percentage based you simply can't have this game mode with the same rewards, why would anyone play "open star" wars where it takes thousands of loyalty or hundreds of units to fully heal one champ when you can get the same rewards from "2* war" which much less outlay to heal champs?
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,236 ★★★★
    I have a feeling that if 2* Wars were implemented, both sides will have a draw with 100% completion
  • AMChive2AMChive2 Posts: 9
    @Markjv81 that would be an issue, unless all potions were reduced to become directly proportional to the potions in the usual war... Not having to buy separate potions but they increase and decrease according to the War you're in.
    (Because I don't think they'll be made into percentages)
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