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Looking for a platinum 1 alliance.

Prestige is 3k, top champs are 4* Colossus, 4* Ant Man, KK, and She Hulk. All R5.

I am experienced in map 6, and also a good boss killer. I can kill bosses, by saying a magic word, and then they just KO themselves. Plat 1, only. No gold, please.


  • NightCrackerNightCracker Posts: 157
    If you had a R5 Spidergwen then we could talk.
  • helloguyshelloguys Posts: 90
    She is at r4, but I'm ready to R5 if you want.
  • Venom787Venom787 Posts: 195
    You made my day bro :smiley:
  • BarogsBarogs Posts: 59
    Um. You're not serious in trying to get into a Plat 1 alliance with that roster, are you?
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    LOL....this post made my day!
  • helloguyshelloguys Posts: 90

    Sidenote; I've also completed LOL 100% and Act 5. I haven't R5 or r4 a 5* yet, because I'm waiting for a 6* Colossus and 6* She Hulk so I can R2 them both.
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