9.3M, 4500+, 5x5, Expert Tier AQ, Tier 2 AW

We run Map5 every day.

Priority is always AQ, then AW. We expect high activity in these two. We're looking for smart, active players who can take their line in AQ and AW without much trouble or supervision. You're expected to run T4B arena regularly so you have them for R5 rank ups. Since this game shouldn't dominate your life, other events is as much or as little as you like as long as you can make your donations.

Our team chat app is Slack (which is way better than line, we've used both). We expect everyone to communicate and check in regularly before moving.

Ideal members have a minimum 4500+ prestige, at least 1xR4 5* or close, have enough R5 (or better) attackers for AQ and AW to run at the same time. You should also be in North American time zones. If you can't be active the same time we are please don't waste our time and yours, neither will benefit.

Weekly donations are 134k gold, 12.5k loyalty, 30k BC.

We are an alliance member of the MWO! family. We have sister alliances ranging top 100 weekly T4CC - 1000 AQ rankings. So when you're ready to move up you can move up to a t4cc alliance within the family.

[RoK] Ragnarok

Please inquire on line "calnu" and "itwasntme51" for info.


  • Tlive11Tlive11 Posts: 15
    I'm at 4100 and demolish map 6 at any overall prestige level for aq. Hmu

    Tlive11 on game
    Tlive09 on line
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