8.8M Tier 2 Top 700 5x5 Expert Alliance Recruiting Skilled Players

Wasted Saints is a competitive alliance looking for new recruits who are capable of playing at a very high level but wish to have a balance between the game and the world beyond.

As an alliance we are currently running 5x5 with points per AQ putting us in the top 650 of the expert bracket with 98M+ points. All BGs are completed 100% usually with plenty of time to spare assuming no extreme circumstance. We hit all events besides perfect arena to completion and usually score 500K+ points in SA weekly in the 6-20% bracket. War is taking very seriously with dedicated groups usually in the 1-2 tier bracket and consistent victories over alliances close or significantly stronger than us by PI. As such players with strong AW oriented champs will be more favorably considered.

The player we are looking for should have at least 4400 prestige (ideally 4500+) to be considered. You must be able to easily clear lines in AQ and AW on a regular basis along with consistent event participation. Please be a heads up intelligent player and provide some proof of your ability. Western time zones only as we are mostly NA based.

For any questions or to apply for the opening please message "sumith42" on Line.


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