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10.9 mill alliance, gold 2 looking for active member

We're a 10.9 mill alliance, relaxed and in gold 2 AWA.

AQ:- we run 44442, this gets use all the milestones in AQ and puts us in advance tier rank 701-1001. Recently it bumps us up to expert tier aswell.

Donations:- we don't have a set amount for donations, all we ask is you give what you can. If the treasury is running low though we will ask every member to donate at least 55k gold.

AW:- we ask every member to place there defenders within 20hrs and place at least 4/40 4*.

We don't push our members for events. However for completion at the start of the month we get all milestones, towards the end normally just the t1a.
Item use we always get all milestone.

What we are looking for in a member:-

Uncollected or 350k-400k active and who can clear there line in AWA and AQ. If you are uncollected pi doesn't matter as long as you can participate in AWA and AQ at the same time. We will also consider lower pi For a skilled player.

If you would like to apply message me on line with a screen shot of your mcoc profile.

Line id:- prime_zombination


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