Can we have a better explanation of what things can critically fail when fighting domino because she’s a bit of an unfair fight. It’s like dealing with iceman’s signature ability but no way to stop it. I’ve had critical failure pop up when I was standing still with a champ who has no random/passive buffs, I’ve had a critical failure while normally blocking, I’ve had it during the dash portion of my medium attack, I’ve had it happen WHILE i was getting hit, I’ve had it happen because she blocked my attack, and so many other times. Her description doesn’t say anything about it but it’s heinously unfair that sometimes just looking at her damages me.


  • The_LiasThe_Lias Posts: 15
    I totally support your request for further explanation. In current missions you almost have a fully healed 5* r4 champ wrecked without getting hit at all...
  • LordNegrotronLordNegrotron Posts: 257
    As is what happen to my medusa who is a 5* rank 4 champ. I went through 3 champs in the bounty mission fighting the boss domino including my sentinel without so much as taking a scratch (minus the one time she evaded and used a special) and lost them all from critical failures. And for being a 30% chance to be lucky or unlucky, she seems to have both trigger about 10 times per fight. I even had a match where i somehow critically failed SOMETHING 8 times in a row and it kept resetting the duration (I was using AA and she’s bleed and poison immune on that node so that wasn’t causing it)
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