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I have a kabam account created for my main account and apparently theres an account thats like a level 3 account tied to my google play account and ever since the newest update whenever i open the app, it automatically loads the other account and wont keep my main account logged in, I know its really nothing but its a pain and I cant figure out how to either get rid of that account or link my main account to my google so that this doesnt keep happening, someone please if you can help me out thanks!!


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    Kept happening to me just when setting up my new phone, In the end I went in google play games settings switched off automatic login for Play Games and for it to ask for new games too, i then went in to MCOC settings and logged out of account attached to google and signed in with Kabam synced account, after logging out play account the profile still remained in MCOC for it but will get over written once i signed in with kabam and was not back next time i logged in like with earlier attempts.
    BTW if it tries to get you to pick a google account just dont press it, press an empty space outside the pop up
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    Same here. Since the update cannot reach my main account
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    Any idea from support team ???
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    Ya i am having same issue still and so i had kabam delete my account thats linked to my google play so that maybe i could link my main account to it, and apparently when they delete accounts all they do is ban them and then your really screwed because everytime i open the app i have to go in my google play and delete my profile data and basically login without it and i have to leave the app open in the background or else i have to go in and delete my data again, its really a pain, and ive sent several emails to kabam and they have not responded to a single one except the one about deleting my account!
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    Same. I have to manually log in to my main kabam account everytime I open the app fresh (it doesnt hapen if its running in the background tho)
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    High hsidhd
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