Credits delivered but the other promised items did not arrive

Being as the 4th of July usually has some awesome sales, I've been saving for several months to whale out today. Imagine my disappointment when I purchase the odins and get the credits right away, but no 5* crystal and none of the promised shards. I already submitted a ticket with all the pertinent order information and screenshots. Just a real shame, since I don't know for certain that kabam will make good on this initial issue, I'm afraid that if I try to take advantage of the rest, I'll end up with a pile of credits purchased at full price, none of the promised bonus items, and kabam laughing all the way to the bank.


  • Hi Fyrintenimar,

    Can you check your Shard Tab to see if it is available there? If not, restart your device to see if it is then available. We do have an active thread on this, you can locate it over here. Please do let us know if you are still unable to locate it.
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