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Anyone knows what this synergy does?


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    It gives a reason to use kamala khan
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    Have the same bug
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    Starky: Stun, shock, ensnare lasts 30% longer
    Kk: +30% fury potency
    Miles: +2 spider sense charges
  • Hey there, the Contest Noobs synergy gives the following benefits:

    Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): Stun, Shock and Ensnare Debuffs last 30% longer.
    Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Fury Buffs gain +30% Potency.
    Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Begin the fight with 2 additional Spider-Sense charges.

    As for the issues you are currently experiencing with the descriptions, I would first recommend trying to run through our troubleshooting process either for iOS or Android.
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