Tier 4class catalysts and champion questions for a new free account

I decided to return to the game and start a new free account after 6 months away. I currently have 13 three-star champs and 4 four-star champs: AA, Gwenpool, Mordo and Kingpin. My goal is to become uncollected as soon as possible. Looking at the basic schedule I can have four star duped Versions of AA, Void, Hulk Ragnarok and killmonger by the end of my intermediate bracket, and Hyperion the next month after. I know if I can get all those to 4/40 I can fully explore act iv. If I got all those to 5/50 could I comfortably become uncollected or do I desperately need a power control or some other kind of champ?

And if you had it do over again, how would you go about getting as many tier 4 class catalysts early in the game? I’ve heard if I have 1500 units in the bank their are good offers every month or so. Is this the best way?


  • DoctorofEvilDoctorofEvil Posts: 212
    I'll take the bait. When you have to understand is AW and Question are different beasts. Hulk Ragnarok is great for mystics in AW, but Classic Hulk would have been MUCH better for the Collector and now you'll probably NEVER get him (dramatic music sound effect).

    AA and GP are sensational champs for non immune opponents. BUT - you need damage dealers for immune champs - someone like Stark SM which you lack. You also need power control champs like Magik, DV, or even Vision. AND last but not least - you need regeneration champs. So no, that lineup will not cut it..........

    As far as tier 4 class catalysts - you'll have a hard time getting into a decent alliance now with the AW rewards -so fully exploring act IV (time consuming) is your best bet other than buying the offers.

    Sorry for the bad news, but joint the club....
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