How Diversity works and why its ideal to try out some other champs.

In Alliance wars, one thing most often forget is diversity.
the importance of diversity Is a tactic, it doesn't necessarily have to be "the best war set up ever"
but it can throw out your opponents.
eg. if there are too many mephistos in war - Most people will bring a blade for attack, and therefore will easily break through
the defence line, noting though mephisto is an amazing defender.
also bringing the same defenders as your alliance memebers creates a pattern or a habit which will allow your oppoents to follow it and again break through the defence line.
E.g Hyperion and Nightcrawler - has become so easy to verse because people are adapting to their play styles amoungst other things like new champions who can full counter the trait that makes them a good defender.
again, by placing the same defenders as everyone else just because theyre the best isn't the greatest idea.'

However this doesn't mean you start bringing rubbish champions into defence...that's not diversity, that's stupidity.
(no offence to early players who dont have much ive been there too lol)


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