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Pym canister availability

Mqc19Mqc19 Posts: 307 ★★★
Kabam......... wake up please.

Admittedly I should of noticed this a bit earlier but this miss is just lazy.....

I’m a 7k prestige veteran, and only play 6* arenas because there really isn’t much of a point to play the others for me. Completed all story modes and logged on every day, have 150k pym canisters left after completed 4 master runs. So I started browsing through game to see if I missed something to get to 5th run, and I caught it. Canisters are only part of arena awards in 5* arena. Ok other words we need to play at a lower level to get to 5th run. In what world does that fing make sense???? I think a bonus login calendar for the last week of the month should be thrown in or some 24 individual tasks to make up the missing canisters needed. Pretty sure I’m not the only one w this issue after speaking to alliance members they are in the same boat.

Between simple misses like this and critical game stability issues you guys missed the boat big time this month. Step it up!!!


  • Kaat19Kaat19 Posts: 27
    I agree Pym Canisters should have been in the 5* featured arena and/or 4* basic arena (if they were going for accessibility).

    However you can also get them in all the daily quests now (basic/cc). So you can run some of those or run the featured 4* arena to get your last master run. Not really that hard.

  • M1MM1M Posts: 22
    Why should Kabam reward those that don't pay attention? I read the info before this event started, saw where to get the items I needed, and then worked on those arenas. They did it to make it accesible to more players than just those at the top tier.

    I love how you called it a "simple miss"... yeah, a simple miss on your part.

    Why don't you read the updates more and step it up yourself???????
  • Mqc19Mqc19 Posts: 307 ★★★
    Point is it doesn’t make sense.....rewarding one arena and not the other. 6* offers greater milestones but not the item needed for the monthly feature. That’s silly and just doesn’t make sense.
  • CainCain Posts: 559 ★★
    You can get over 100K pym per day easy by grinding daily cat quests...this is one of the easiest monthly currencies to acquire I think
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