3* champs for newer players

I realize these threads are a dime a dozen but they're still helpful so any input would be great.

Used 200 of my units for that 3* generic + 99 generic sig stones offer a couple weeks back, wondering if it's worth holding onto or if I should just use on one of my existing champs now?

I'm ~190 units away from opening the Recovery mastery and have the following decent/good 3* champs:

Blade 4/40 sig 4
Wolverine 4/40 sig 8
Archangel 4/40 sig 1
Vision 4/20
Taskmaster 3/30
Bishop 3/30
Captain America 3/30
Proxima Midnight
Marvel ladies

Awakening gems:
Generic 3* - 2 (plus 99 generic sig stones)
Cosmic 3* - 1
Mutant 3* - 1
Tech 3* - 1

Should I use any awakening gems or continue to wait? I've completed 100% of Acts 1-3, just started Act 4.


  • RonildasRonildas Posts: 63
    Use it as soon as possible. In less than 2 months, you won't even use your 3*s anymore for relevant quests.

  • XxOriginalxXXxOriginalxX Posts: 1,325 ★★★
    I’d recommend pumping that sig stone into blade or wolverine, probably blade is a better choice...3 stars aren’t really that relevant but blade is such a good character that he is better than some 4 stars when he’s a 3* max
  • rowsbeerowsbee Posts: 41
    Blade or Wolverine sounds good as I'm still using them. I understand 3*'s are **** but until my roster of 4*'s is much bigger, need to work with what I got.

    My 4*'s:
    Mephisto 3/30
    Miles Morales 2/20
    Rocket Raccoon 2/20
    Storm 2/20
    Guillotine 1/10 sig 20
    Sentinel 1/01
    Carnage 1/01

    Good timing, item use starting in 30 minutes!

    Should I also awaken Vision with the Tech, save the Mutant for either Iceman/Rogue, save the Cosmic for Thor/Medusa/Hyperion?
  • Also know there are 3* AG's in the lesser and greater event crystals so they are pretty easy to come by when you start trying to focus on putting points up in them.
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