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How about next month (and as many months as it may take) kabam does absolutely zero new content, zero new champions, and zero alliance war; and instead roll out an update that fixes, not patches, bandaids, nor short-cutts around, but fixes! the many bugs, glitches, lags, and game crashes that plague this game?

Kabam may find that instead of attempting to lure in new customers with flashy new updates that feature the latest movie at the box office, that addressing the concerns of its current loyal customers would bring higher long-term revenue increases vs short term bumps from truly micro transactions of Noob players.


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    Agree. This whole month with lag and issue is frustating. But yah.. Kabam need to make money so..
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    Well if Kabam doesn’t make money then the game is definitely going to suffer, right?
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    Wish they would at least be kind enough to give a safe word before hand
  • Hey All,

    While I see where you're coming from, this is not quite how our team works.

    The teams that work on content such as Quests, Champions, and Alliance Wars have absolutely nothing to do with the teams that work on Performance or Bug Fixes (unless it's directly related to what they are working on). They will continue to work on what they're working on, and making new content while other teams continue to work on performance improvements, and bug fixes.
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