Dorms Heal not working?

CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
Tried to use dorms heal in AQ multiple times over the last week and noticed it’s not working.

Anyone else finding this issue?


  • KaruseusKaruseus Posts: 463 ★★
    Working fine for me
  • CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
    Karuseus wrote: »
    Working fine for me

    In AQ?

    I’ve tried several times and it’s not doing anything for me.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Havent tried him in aq as I just got him and duped him recently but I have been having problems with other champions abilities expiring to early or not working at all.
  • not doing anything for me in any mode and i've tried several times.
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