Can we stop getting our health cut in half when we lose connection?

I don't understand why connection is needed midfight. But every time connection cuts out it halves my current health. I wouldn't care if this was an event Quest. But it's AQ, and AW that it usually ends up affecting.


  • spaceoctopusspaceoctopus Posts: 687 ★★★
    I'm sure they do it to circumvent cheating. You're doing bad, go to airplane mode and voila! You get a second, it basically umpteen chances. But I agree with you, there has to be a better option. Nothing more frustrating than losing half your life to a boss in AW from something that is not your fault.
  • RebugRebug Posts: 9
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    The app should be able to tell if the game lost connection due to a server issue or if u force close the app or switch ur connection off manually. If it can not maybe it would be possible to update the game to do so.
  • HeraldofNoneHeraldofNone Posts: 219
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    Yes in AW and Uncollected this most annoying!!
  • Unknown_SoldierUnknown_Soldier Posts: 101
    I think it's so trash we can be playing well get disconnected and then lose half our health and meanwhile the AI reverts to back BEFORE the fight started. I've literally best a champ had game freeze on victory screen have to restart and half my health gone and AI at Full health. this penalize us for connection issues is NOT fair! Especially in boss fights or in Uncollected where some matches are luck based taking half our life is basically guaranteeing us we won't win no matter the skill. There's too many unavoidable damage nodes that have NO counter for them to continue to talk half life for a disconnect. At very least we should get a few chances! some of us travel and go places where reception sucks ......give us a break seriously!
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    Kabam must increase the chances to 3 when force quitting due to game giltches, connection error, overheating or just quiting in general
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 994 ★★★
    Given the fact that the scoring system in AW is based on tries on an opponent, why not simply deduct a try, but leave the champ intact otherwise..

    If cheating is their main motive to punish the players, then go a step further and award negative points twice. People will think hard on whether or not to force close fights then.
    Or at least find another way since that would also punish valid deaths I’m realising now...
    Something at least..
  • raffsterraffster Posts: 951 ★★★
    This is done on purpose to force us to buy units for revives and heals. What orher explanation can there be unless their developers are the worst of the lot (worst in capability because they are paid the worst) which I doubt? But this is all for profit at our expense.
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