it is increasingly difficult to play mtc ... you create very good missions more at the time of opening the crystals of heroes come so bad heroes 3 years ago that I play ... even so a profile created a little time already has a larger support of heroes


  • WiMakWiMak Posts: 350 ★★
    ... what???

  • It's getting harder because it's so insignificant heroes come
  • WiMakWiMak Posts: 350 ★★
    What gets harder? The game? And you believe this is due to the release of the new Champions? I’m thinking there may be a language barrier…
  • n the crystals mine comes comes old championships without meanings ... heroes real ruins, sorry I do not speak English but to spend what I have kk
  • please use google translate maybe we can understand what ur saying better :smile:
  • IsThisLossIsThisLoss Posts: 236
    i think hes saying hes been playing a long time and pulls bad champs but new accounts get good champs
  • Rich_RyderRich_Ryder Posts: 238
    Damn this herois epidemic!
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 747 ★★★
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