Corvus Glaive - Good?

Yesterday I popped open his 5*. Was really happy about him since it was the first day he was in the 5* pool. But what's his use? What's good about him?


  • SyrionSyrion Posts: 64
    Everything.... I ranked 5/65 mine. I walked all over this months event (uncollected). Didn't use a single item or potion/revive. Guy is a true beast, I have no regrets....

    has 100% critical as long as glaive connects (4 of the 5 hits) not to mention true damage. Parry inflicts armor break boosting his level 1 and trashing nearly every champ in game. Plan your hits according and you should have ~2 charges and launch level 2 for unblockable wreck fest. After doing your bounties he becomes even more insane. Unlock not really needed, just fast glaive reboot on cooldown but most champs die too fast to even have to worry.

    Tinker around with him.... he is such a blast to play
  • IsThisLossIsThisLoss Posts: 236
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