Intelligent AI selecting Unique synergy in Arena

winterthurwinterthur Posts: 5,283 ★★★★★
Fought a team of Black Bolt, Karnak and Medusa in arena. The Inhuman Family Synergy popped up at beginning of fight.

I assume that the synergy attributes really works. How does AI knows to select the team this way? The RNG % must be real low but it still happened.

Anyone else seen something similar?


  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    You know you are fighting teams other people have used right?
    They don’t generate a team from some player’s roster, it’s an actual team that was used by them when they were running arena.
  • Crazyjack719Crazyjack719 Posts: 414 ★★
    Was it a Thanos or Kang team? Or was it another players team?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 5,283 ★★★★★
    Doing the cha cha dance. :D

  • GorofaizGorofaiz Posts: 56
    Yup, you're fighting another player's team... That's why sometimes you get a team that consist of two 4/40 4 star and 1/10 3 star..
  • SgtSlaughter78SgtSlaughter78 Posts: 446 ★★
    Yeah, I fought a heimdall team with the indestructible synergy on the fatal blow yesterday.
  • EnderDraco58EnderDraco58 Posts: 958 ★★
    Yeah, they're other players' best champs. So seeing them use a synergy isn't that uncommon.
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