Dungeons are not working as it supposed to be.

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I fought agains miniboss Kingpin with wolverine, when I get back to dungeons page,Kingpin was still standing.I couldn't fight him again,after that I tried to shut the game down and log in back,and after that when I tried to get back dungeons I found myself in homepage. So yeah,dungeons are not running as it supposed to be,still...


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    edited August 2018
    It happened on 22.08.2018 , around 2 am ,UTC +2 , We need you to investigate this @Kabam Miike
  • Same thing happened to me
  • They'll probably close this and have you put in a ticket, my friend.
  • Hey @Megavok. The team has been made aware of this particular outcome when
    defeating enemies in Dungeons. Will be closing this thread as the topic is being discussed and acknowledged elsewhere. You can continue the conversation here.

    Please remember to post technical issues or bugs that you encounter in the Bugs and Known Issues section for better visibility.
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