Quest Rewards for Web-Slingers Challenge?

StefffStefff Posts: 121
For Bautista's challenge, the rewards for completing and exploring the individual quests were listed, and weren't too bad either. So I really want to know what those same rewards will be for Web-Slingers challenge. Would be nice to get some more shards...


  • Oh, we forgot to do that! I'll go dig them up and add them. They're the same as Dave Bautista's Cosmic Challenge.
  • Got it! adding to the main thread, but here they are as well:

    Quest 1 Completion Tier 3 Generic ISO x2 Premium Crystal Shards x225 3-Star Crystal Shards x30
    Quest 1 Mastery Premium Crystal Shards x275 3-Star Crystal Shards x70 Units x30
    Quest 2 Completion Tier 3 Generic ISO x4 Premium Crystal Shards x375 3-Star Crystal Shards x150
    Quest 2 Mastery Premium Crystal Shards x1125 3-Star Crystal Shards x350 Unit x35
    Quest 3 Completion Tier 4 Generic Catalyst Fragments x1500 4-Star Crystal Shards x100
    Quest 3 Mastery 4-Star Crystal Shards x400 Tier 3 Class Catalyst Crystal x1 Unit x50
    Quest 4 Completion 4-Star Crystal Shards x350 T4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal x5 5-Star Crystal Shards x100
    Quest 4 Mastery 4-Star Crystal Shards x850 5-Star Crystal Shards x300 Unit x70 Tier 4 Generic Catalyst Fragments x6000
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