got disconnected before opening featured crystal - took my shards and gave me a Colossus !

Dear users. I had a really bad experience two days ago. I entered in the featured crystal 15k shards page and was about to click in the crystal - I got disconnected and when connecting back my shards were taken and a champion was sent to my champ list, without I even opened the crystal.
Did any user experienced same bug with any crystal opening ?


  • uthy99uthy99 Posts: 35
    That’s not a bug you just disconnected when you opened it. You would have got the same hero if you didn’t disconnect
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    edited August 2018
    Not a bug as uthy99 said that doesn't matter you would have still pulled collosus, the sound doesn't actually mean anything at all.
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