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Looking for Plat1-3 Alliance

Hi All, we are looking for a platinum alliance for two. Our prestige is 6.5k+. If you have a spot pls contact me on line id - supremovik.


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    Ragingtiger91Ragingtiger91 Posts: 46
    edited September 2018
    We aren’t plat 3, but we are gold 1 that ran with 3 alts of 100k rating last season. We have replaced one as of now, and are looking to replace the last 2. With 2 more strong players, we will push into plat 3 this coming season.
    My Line ID: Ragingtiger
    Send me a Line if you’d like more information.
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    nuggznuggz Posts: 124
    Your line I'd wasn't working

    Mine is..

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    R6acerR6acer Posts: 23
    Hit me in line r6acer yours isn’t working
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