What's up with champions surviving with 1% health .It's so damn frustrating happening in every match

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Happening in every [removed by moderation] match be it AQ , AW , Quests or Arena .

Why do you change the game and not tell us ? The champs are surviving with 1% health no matter how hard you hit them .
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    Not a bug. Now don't spam the forums.
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    What is there to address you didn't deal enough damage to kill them. 1% or 90% health left on the defender is the same thing. If you didn't deal enough damage they don't die. I don't understand what the bug is you are referring to.
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    I haven’t seen it a lot but I did a few times. And it’s 100% true it happens.

    I was flighting a hulk with 10% health and I uleashed a special 3, the health bar dwindled down but stopped at 1% while the special attack was still in animation, usually this special attack KOs anyone below 17% in arena.

    So it’s real
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    All I see is guys who have yet to finish their opponents. If the opponent refuses to go down after hitting 1% health and you land multiple hits after getting them to 1% health then yes that's a glitch. A buff expires at 1% health or a special attack leaves them at 1% health. Well that's just the luck of the draw. Maybe you didn't get a crit on the special. Maybe they had 3 hp more than your damage did. I don't see where there is a glitch.
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    Some people just dont accept and thats the biggest problem with this place...
  • Don’t say that’s not a bug ,it can stop bleeding,and other debuffs enemy’s survive when they should died
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    Never seen anything stop bleed degen or any debuff that wasn't built into the champ. Seems like you are looking for conspiracies where they don't exist
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    Don’t say that’s not a bug ,it can stop bleeding,and other debuffs enemy’s survive when they should died

    Show me video proof of a whole fight where I can see the amount of damage done along with the enemies full health. When I see that, and do the calculations of how much health they have minus the damage dealt, I can work out whether the opponent should be on 1% health.

    Until then, re-adjust your tin foil hat. It’s slipping.
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    So after doing the alpha arena I have noticed the 1% health on opponents when fighting them. I also noticed that this happened on opponents who have the willpower mastery active. What is being looked at as a conspiracy is simply the champs surviving with a sliver of health from willpower. The small amount of health they are gaining from debuffs is enough to offset the health lost from dot effects. Hope this helps put your mind at ease
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