What in the name of baby Jesus is up with this lag??!!??!!

Updated a few hours ago. Played all available aspects of the game since I updated. EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE GAME IS BEYOOOOND LAGGED!!! My God, seriously??? Menu’s? Lag. Champ select? Lag. First 5-10sec of EVERY SINGLE FIGHT? Laaaag. Everything in the game is lagging like somebody just cleared my “help”. By the way, u said u fixed the whole “help” thing like 8 months ago. U didn’t! I’ve seen ppl on a dozen different devices dealing with the exact same thing, so it’s not just me. Don’t expect my details to matter since it’s so wide spread, but I’m on iPhone X ios11. Dealing with it in all menu’s, all fights in all aspects of the game. Please fix!!! Emergency maintenance??


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    Forever now I have had lag on my lg 20 which doesn't freeze but slows down my character and the reaction time to my fingers tapping the screen and i was also kivked out of mcoc a few minutes ago. Also I have been dealing with the help button lag in arena more then the alliance help button which rarely ever lags.
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    In another thread already open on the topic of lag, someone mentioned restarting the phone cleared it up for them.
    I didn't experience anything like what you describe, but it might help.
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    Thx man. I really wish it worked. Unfortunately no. Hope I don’t get a warning because a thread is already open. Thx again for trying to helpful! I’ll try again and see if that helps
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    That time it actually did work. Don’t know why I need to restart 3x to get the game to play the way it should every time. Smdh
    It worked for now though. Hope it stays that way. Thx 1 more tine
  • We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this with the new update. There is already a thread going on the topic, and we'd appreciate additional details you can provide with: device, OS version, confirmation you've updated to the latest version of the game, details on where/when this is happening in the game, etc.

    To help keep the forums more organized, we'll be closing additional threads on the topic. Thank you in advance for your help so that our Teams can look into this issue further. The thread to post in can be located by clicking here.
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